TBone Luggage Extension Handle

 1-2-3 Go!  Stand more erect when pulling carry on luggage!

A Promotional Gift for Internal


External Branding

Promotional travel items make great gifts or giveaways to current or potential customers, especially for those companies that relate to the travel industry. Airlines give out the TBone for promotion  at a trade show, hotels offer the TBone as a gift for important guests, or travel agencies  provide the TBone to returning clients.​Businesses use TBone promotional giveaways internally as well. Companies can

give a customized, private label TBone to their employees that do a

lot of traveling for the business as a gift of appreciation. The TBone would also make a perfect holiday gift as many use that time to visit family and go on vacations. In this sense, the customized TBone

will bring you great brand visibility when they are used, and promote

a positive perception. The TBone is sure to be appreciated by recipients.

Note:  Low quantity minimum requirements for custom colors-  ready for your logo or we can do it for you!  Please contact us for more information.


Promotional Travel​ 

​Give your brand the potential to travel across the globe with a
promotional TBone! ​From business meetings and corporate
conferences to summer vacations and family visits, there are
so many different occasions and events that require travel.
Whatever the scenario, no matter what the destination, you can
help travelers be prepared for whatever adventures lie ahead
with various travel items. The TBone Luggage Extension Handle
is an item your clients and employees need when they venture
beyond their normal boundaries. By providing clients and
employees with these travel items customized with your company's name and logo, you can ensure they will be prepared, and your brand will be well promoted.​​​  As travelers pull their carry on from the jet ramp to the baggage carousel, your logo will be viewed by those following. As curious travelers converse while wait during a layover, your logo is there in full view- EVERY TIME THEY USE IT..  

​​Advantages of Private Labeling

​Private label brands are those offered by retailers. There are various advantages for the retailers to go for private label brands. These advantages include:

1.   Control over pricing of the product/service,
2.   Put forth own ideas on marketing plans,
3.   Create personalized image which in turn leads to higher customer loyalty,
4.  Higher control on production, marketing, distribution and profits,
5.  Give their own inputs, additional materials, logos, tag lines, etc.
6.  Customer's changing preference - drive towards private label products.

These points provide an edge over the other brands. Private label brands are available in a broad range of varieties from food to cosmetics. These brands help create a personalized and unique brand for retailers.​Retailers  with private label brands will be able to create better sales opportunities for themselves. They can build value and recognition from  the customers. Private brand products allow retailers to differentiate their products from competitors' products, and provide consumers with an alternative to other brands.