TBone Luggage Extension Handle

 1-2-3 Go!  Stand more erect when pulling carry on luggage!

Why make it here instead of overseas? 

Simply put, we cannot keep sending dollars overseas to make things that are shipped back here.

If I was to be the one tasked with manufacturing this novelty, I wanted it to be produced stateside where I had a better chance of talking real time with an English- speaking colleague.  Going through the development stages of samples and all the questions...I just didn't want the added frustration of the language barrier, let alone the time difference and phone charges.  I didn’t want to send my money someplace I couldn’t
actually GO TO….touch an entry door, shake a hand, see the setup and get inspired. When I had my first concepts of the TBone, many people told me I ‘had’ to make it in China- the costs to make it stateside would add another $4-5 per piece and people wouldn’t pay that for the product.  The more I listened to them, the more determined I was to find a good fit with a manufacturing firm in the states that could produce a quality product that I personally could be proud of creating and showing to potential customers. 

You only have one shot at making a first impression.

I located a small manufacturing company in Mission Viejo- about 75 minutes south of where I live (if the traffic gods are with me).  I like their style, I like their business sense and their sense of humor.  The mold was transferred to their location and we began a small run of samples, then later the first order. 

My personal journey in the seeking a qualified partner in the production process added to the experience of bringing the idea of the TBone to a reality, and I am proud to be one of the growing number of American Made manufactures of a practical useful product.